Penang Malaysia 2009 – In “A Voyage of Songs” International Choral Festival 2009 held in Penang, Malaysia, 4th – 8th July 2009, Karangturi Choir amazingly achieved two gold medals, Gold B for Children Choir and Gold C for Equal Voices Youth Category, this very prestigious achievement is really a great reward for 61 students of Karangturi together with Mr. Petrus Wahyu Eromoko as the conductor and Mr. A. Inu Harimurti as the pianist after countless hours spent and effort done for preparing this choral competition in international level

“A Voyage of Song” International Choral Festival 2009 is a festival to see high standard of choral excellence from all the participating choir with the adjudication of renowned personalities from the international choral scene. Through this festival, there is a hope to promote culture exchanges, to enhance the standard of choral knowledge and to give participants the opportunity learn and grow.

This year’s festival sees almost 40 choirs from 10 countries gathering to participate in this musical voyage. They are Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hongkong, China, Macau, Australia and United Kingdom.
The very experienced adjudicators in charge in this festival are :
1. Mr. Nelson Kwei from Singapore
2. Mr. Avip Priatna from Indonesia
3. Mr. Christo Burger from South Africa
4. Dr. Zechariah Goh Toh Chai from Singapore
Those gold medals are proudly dedicated to the glory of Karangturi.

Congratulation !!! The Best You Can Be !!